Interview: A Beautiful Story About A Community Coming Together

1476235_10152458395724128_958901662_nWhen asking Lemur what really influenced his decision to do something about the disaster in the Philippines he said, it started with just talking to others; his friends and people in his community.

A tattoo artist by trade, his apprentice being from the Philippines was affected personally by it. Having never been close to such an event in my life I have no idea what it would be like to go through such a terrible situation. For at the moment, I tried to place myself there and wonder what made these people be so strong.  They have to rebuild after a disaster. So I asked Lemur  and he said,  “… it is the people who are from nature and surrounded by nature that seem to be able to be connected at a different level to it, they are able to rebuild and to continue to look for the good.”


These people have the passion and the inspiration within themselves to continue. Being from Mexico himself, he has been through such experiences and even though he no longer lives there, he still has family there who has the fortitude to endure the best and worst of Mother Nature. Yet, reflecting upon it, they seem to be in love with nature and its wonders, and they know that you need to take the good with the bad. This can be translated into every day life in the city. We must all take the good with the bad. It is what we make of each situation that will reflect our out look on life.


Is the cup half full or is the cup half empty? It seems as though Lemur and the people he connects with believe that the cup is half full. We have all of our needs met and do not have to worry about our survival. We need to worry about our state of mind. We need to be happy within the moment. We need to be happy in our community. We need to take inspiration from Lemur and surround ourselves by good happy people who want to inspire each other.

Being a tattoo artist and an artist as well he felt it only natural to have a gallery fundraiser. I asked him, “Why not just give money to charity?” And he told me that it is about more than just giving money. It is about how involved, it’s about being who you want to be in the world.

1452187_10152458395419128_1467332093_nGiving money helps for sure but it is not putting in your full effort to a cause. He believes that when you create a situation like this you are helping on many different levels. You are helping to create community. Helping create community is very important, for you can help new artist who have never had their work in a gallery before, you can help create conversation between people about the topic, you can inspire artist to work outside their comfort zone to create1459703_10152458395044128_755098923_n different types of art.  He has a message for those who want to make a difference. He says to be around extraordinary people, and these people will help inspire you to reach for the sky. When you have people around you to inspire you, you will be a better person.

To get involved in the cause, Lemur asks that you donate money to Doctor’s Without Boarders.  For more information about the artist or Lemur contact us at


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